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Meet the Artist

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If you have been visiting this site for a while, you have surely seen and admired Cherie Perry's artwork. Many of you are even the proud owners of some of her gorgeous pieces. Cherie has been creating and pursuing her artistic endeavors for several years and selling her creations in a range of venues. Here, in her own words, she shares a little bit with us about herself, her family, and her work.
My passion for beautiful things as well as expressing myself through my work is what led me to my career as an artist. I feel very blessed to have this God-given talent, which allows me to do work that I love. I've always enjoyed painting and creating, but I put it all on the back burner after getting married and having a family. I threw myself into motherhood and have no regrets whatsoever. But once my daughter started school, I had some time on my hands and became restless. So I picked up the brushes again and my business, Bella Rosa Designs, was born. Initially I did some designing for magazines as well as painting in many different styles; but with my fervor for the Victorian and Shabby Chic style of decor, it was inevitable that roses and floral designs would become my favorite subject.
I have also been blessed with a beautiful family-- my husband of eighteen years, Michael, as well as my teenage daughter Jessica, who is growing up much too quickly on me. There is also the baby of the family, Sasha, our cherished Collie. She is such a sweet natured dog and we certainly do enjoy spoiling and doting on her. Mike is a self-employed business owner. He is also my Mr. Fix-It, constantly repairing those vintage pieces that I want to make beautiful with paint. I do all of the accounting work for his business so it evens out and we are constantly busy.
Jessi's favorite hobby is spending time on the computer. She is quite the HTML whiz, which is wonderful when I need help setting up my eBay pages, website, etc. She also is artistically gifted and I'm hoping she will become interested in painting soon. We live in a tiny little ranch house, which gets pretty crowded between the two businesses as well as a teenage daughter with lots of friends. My dream is to own a big old Victorian home where I can claim the entire third floor as my studio. That may be some time off ---- but I believe you must always have a dream.
I thank God every day for the many blessings I have received - my wonderful family and friends who have always believed in me and my ability to paint, as well as my customers who are just wonderful -- I deeply appreciate each and every one of you.
Thank you for reading a little bit about me. I hope to continue bringing you lots of hand painted designs for many years to come!
Cherie and her husband Mike
Cherie's beautiful daughter, Jessica, and her "other daughter," Sasha, the collie.
Cherie is always creating something wonderful, so please stop by and visit often to see what's new!
To see some of Cherie's past work, please visit the Gallery.
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